January 15, 2010

William Monk Series

by Anne Perry

Historical mystery (set in Victorian England).

  1. The Face of a Stranger

  2. A Dangerous Mourning

  3. Defend and Betray

  4. A Sudden Fearful Death

  5. The Sins of the Wolf

  6. Cain His Brother

  7. Weighed in the Balance

  8. The Silent Cry

  9. A Breach of Promise Published in the UK as Whited Sepulchres.

  10. The Twisted Root

  11. Slaves of Obsession Published in the UK as Slaves and Obsession.

  12. A Funeral in Blue

  13. Death of a Stranger

  14. The Shifting Tide

  15. Dark Assassin

  16. Execution Dock

  17. Acceptable Loss

The author's website is here.

January 9, 2010

The Moon Crash Trilogy
(aka The Last Survivors Series)

by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Young adult; science fiction (apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic).

  1. Life As We Knew It (2006)

  2. The Dead & the Gone (2008)

  3. This World We Live In (2010)

  4. The Shade of the Moon (2012)

The author's blog is here. The series website is here.