January 15, 2010

William Monk Series

by Anne Perry

Historical mystery (set in Victorian England).

  1. The Face of a Stranger

  2. A Dangerous Mourning

  3. Defend and Betray

  4. A Sudden Fearful Death

  5. The Sins of the Wolf

  6. Cain His Brother

  7. Weighed in the Balance

  8. The Silent Cry

  9. A Breach of Promise Published in the UK as Whited Sepulchres.

  10. The Twisted Root

  11. Slaves of Obsession Published in the UK as Slaves and Obsession.

  12. A Funeral in Blue

  13. Death of a Stranger

  14. The Shifting Tide

  15. Dark Assassin

  16. Execution Dock

  17. Acceptable Loss

The author's website is here.

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Booklogged said...

Love this series. I read most of them out of order. Someday I'd like to reread them but in order.